Steven Kury: Interactive Media Development, Business Analyltics and Strategy

This is my consulting corner. It is an assortment of thoughts on product development that I think are important to it and networking contacts have expressed interest in knowing more about.

Whether you are a hands on developer, product manager, or a prospective client who had had little exposure to it, I think that you may find some of these articles enlightening. Please peruse them and let me know if you have any questions. They are licensable for inclusion in your website or magazine.

Product Management & Finance

How I Said "No" and Didn't Lose My Job - The importance of declining requests from your management that you know you can't fulfill.

Optimizing a SAFe Scrum Team - How to optimize the performance of a Scrum team.

UX for APIs - How to design an API product that is fully usable by its subscribers.

How to Make Digital Product Enhancements - A methodical approach to selecting enhancements and new features for your application.

Risk vs. Reward Part I: Flat Price vs. Hourly Rates? - Insight into knowing which pricing structure is most appropriate for your project.

Risk vs. Reward Part II: Speculative Pricing - The essentials of how to negotiate the price of a project when the client wants to pay less than full price for it, and hire you for future projects that are yet to come.

The Production Triangle - Understanding which two qualities in a production resource are the most significant for your project.

What's it Worth? - Insight into estimating what a project is worth to a client.

Multi-disciplinary Personalities - An understanding of the different personality types that must collaborate together on a project.

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