Steven Kury: Digital Product Management, Leadership Development
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Philosophy on Leadership Development

Great leaders are not born that way, they are molded and shaped into it over time. They are built. Yes, they are born with the innate sensibilities and traits, such as emotional intelligence, that are essential to Leadership. However, it takes mentoring and coaching over time to develop the possessor of those traits into a Leader.

With a focus on team performance and delivery results, my goal is to help professional people develop into the best Leaders that they can be.

Consulting Offerings

One-on-One Coaching - Do your annual reviews reflect a work performance level that you know is beneath your capabilities? Do you need to enhance your skills to compete more effectively for a promotion? Are you taking the initiative to get the "grooming" that is not present in your organization?

Team Optimization - Is your team operating at lower than expected productivity levels? Are your stakeholders losing confidence in your team? Has it lost the esprit de corps that it once had? All of which affects your bottom line!

Leadership Team Development - Are your managers not developing the trust and respect with clients that you would like them to? Are your managers not sparking the level of intra-team collaboration that you expect? Is your work environment reputed to be toxic, with people turning over? All of which affects your bottom line!

Presentation Planning and Delivery - Are your presentations not coming across as effectively as you would like? Are the stakeholders that you are presenting to hostile and dissatisfied afterwards? Or are they satisfied and curious to know just a little more?

If any of the above cross your mind, or throb in your head like a bad migrain, Leadership development coaching and consulting may be a good solution for you. Call me at (717) 350-6781 to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to see if this would be a good solution for you.

About Me

Throughout my career evolution as a multi-media developer, software developer, project leader, and product manager, what has almost always made or broken the initiatives that I was involved with was the Leadership and communication between the management and the employees who were doing the actual work. This was plainly obvious to me.

My real successes have been based more on Leadership and communication than the hard skill work that I was actually doing. Of course, that was what I was being paid for and what I needed to ultimately deliver. However, it was Leadership and communication skills that made the difference in delivering what was wanted on time and with more value than what was asked for.

As I ascended to higher levels, where my Leadership and communication skills were more the focus of my responsibilities, I have been able to amplify the results in:

  • forging strong trust-based relationships,

  • creating teams that gel and work at their peak performance levels,

  • empowering team members to work at their peak levels while working towards their respective career goals.

After my years of lessons learned and skills developed, I am happy to help you move along in your journey to understand and develop your inner strength as a Leader.


Steven Kury

MBA, The College of William and Mary
Certified SAFe 5 Product Owner/Product Manager

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Contact me at or (717) 350-6781 to set up a no cost half-hour discussion to see if this is right for you.